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The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is, despite its origins in 2009, still in its infancy. But thanks in part to the huge price increases of January 2018, where the value of cryptocurrency rose to a record high, quite a few people became interested in cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future, in whatever form, and blockchain is the technology that supports and enables this cryptocurrency.

Ok fun, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. But where do I get started?

Welcome to CryptoPoly – Europe’s Front Page for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain. The front page with all the important news about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The front page with a complete Cryptocurrency Guide for beginners. The front page with information and reviews about cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges.

View hundreds of different cryptocurrencies page, including extensive graphs, historical data and live streaming cryptocurrency prices. Discover useful cryptocurrency products ranging from Apps to DApps, take advantage of cryptocurrency airdrops for free cryptocurrency and visit the exclusive Cryptocurrency Shop.

Always be well informed before you decide to start using cryptocurrencies. Always do your own research. Buying or investing in cryptocurrency can entail risks. Always invest with money that you could affort to “miss”, if the investment turned out to be wrong. Cryptocurrencies are not a “get rich quick scheme”.

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