What is Blockfolio?

The Blockfolio app is a handy free cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, which offers users a complete management of cryptocurrency and keeps them informed of the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

The Blockfolio app offers support to more than 8,000 different cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The app provides the user with detailed price and market information for all individual crypto coins and tokens from over 300 different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Users can easily create a cryptocurrency portfolio, where they can easily keep track of all their cryptocurrency investments with various useful tools. The value of the crypto portfolio can be viewed in various fiat currencies and cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, the Blockfolio app is equipped with built-in news feeds from popular cryptocurrency blogs CoinDesk and Coin Telegraph, so that users can always stay informed of all the cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

The Blockfolio app is available for both Android and iOS users. The app can be downloaded from the Google App Store and the iOS App Store.