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Blockchain based Brave Browser launches token tipping service for Twitter users.

Blockchain based Brave Browser launches token tipping service for Twitter users.

The blockchain-based decentralized internet browser Brave now offers Twitter users the opportunity to tip content makers with the native Basic Attention Token (BAT).

New extension Brave Rewards for Twitter.

Brave Browser is the new fast and secure web browser of the future. Brave is an open source web browser with a built-in AdBlock, tracking protection and an optimized data and battery experience for the user. Brave Browser was developed by a team of web experts and pioneers, including the inventor of Javascript and the co-founder of Mozilla.

Brave Browser discussed the public launch of the Twitter “token tipping service” in an announcement on August 1. Users who use Brave Rewards can allegedly enter an arbitrary amount, which they can distribute as a “tip” to a particular Twitter account. The recipient will receive the tip directly in BAT tokens.

The announcement also includes a number of features associated with the Twitter tipping service, including setting monthly recurring tips. For content makers, who have already authenticated through the Creator program from Brave, tips are sent immediately and are visible in their Brave Rewards account within minutes.

Users can also share a tweet with the content creator on Twitter to notify them of the tip once they have given a tip (“Tell others about your tip”), as well as how they can sign up to claim the tip . The link to register as a content maker is included in the tweet.

Brave began testing the Twitter tipping service in May in its test and development browser, called Brave Nightly.

As detailed in the announcement, the new feature is set as standard via Brave Rewards. Users who have signed up for Brave Rewards now see a “tip option” with Twitter messages when they view Twitter through their Brave desktop browser. Brave Rewards also supports tips on YouTube and Twitch and will soon be extended to Reddit, GitHub and Vimeo.

Users participating in the Brave Rewards program can also earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) by viewing ads through the Brave Browser or through traditional purchases.

Download the free Brave Browser here and discover the new Twitter tipping service. Be Brave & Stay Safe!

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