French video game giant Ubisoft is investigating blockchain applications in the gaming sector.

French video game giant Ubisoft is investigating blockchain applications in the gaming sector.

Ubisoft Entertainment, a French video game developer and publisher, allegedly investigates potential blockchain applications in the gaming sector. The news was reported by the daily French financial newspaper Les Échos on 11 June.

Place virtual objects on the blockchain.

According to Les Échos, Ubisoft has been investigating various blockchain applications for several months, and has reportedly identified one application in particular for implementation. The research into blockchain applications serves as a strategy to gain a competitive edge in the sector.

The newspaper writes that Ubisoft reportedly plans to place virtual objects or accessories within the game on the blockchain in order to generate income.

As the report notes, the Ubisoft model is somewhat similar to that of the overwhelmingly successful video game Fortnite, published by Epic Games. Fortnite is a video game that is free in itself, but allows gamers to purchase virtual content that matches their game character.

The major advantage of a blockchain-powered ecosystem for virtual accessories would be that it retains the digital property rights of gamers. With reference to an unnamed industry specialist, Les Échos notes:

“When you buy a costume at Fortnite, your investment is lost, the accessory is locked in the game. If we use the blockchain, we give a physical existence to a digital element.”

An anonymous source allegedly close to Ubisoft’s blockchain explorations, told Les Échos that the company would consider using the Ethereum blockchain for its application and claimed that the work on the initiative was already at an advanced stage.

No announcement was made as to whether Ubisoft would launch blockchain-based virtual content within one of its existing franchises or in a whole new game, although Les Échos notes that the second option could probably bear lower risks.

No timetable has been set for the time being and Ubisoft continues to look into possibilities, while anticipating further clarification of French blockchain legislation.

Ubisoft Entertainment is a listed company and has 20 branches in 16 countries. The company claims that the markets can react unpredictably to the launch of a project with such unknown and innovative technology.

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